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Composer Jakob Vejslev has published several sheet music publications over the years. Recently, his organ music and chamber ensemble music has been re-released at Gehrman's Music Publishing House in Stockholm. Later in the year Jakob Vejslev composed music to lyrics by a large number of Danish poets. This has resulted in the song book "117 Danske Sange" (117 Danish Songs), which has just been published at the Music Publishing Company Olafssongs. The lyrics in the songbook have a historical range of one hundred years.

Asger Schnack writes about Emil Aarestrup "He knows it is in the now in the the myriads of nature, that life and poetry takes place. In his poems it is cool-warmly recorded and finely ironized that in a little while we will cease to exist." (Translated from Danish)

Vejslev has carefully selected poems that highligt this relationship of living in the now. In the preface to the book he writes: "There is a tematic relationship beetween the poems. Mankinds experience of nature, love, happiness and sorrow. The poems range from the erotic and ithyphallic to the sombre and religious. I find a great affirmation of life in these candid poems.

The songbook is edited by Torsten Olafsson, Jakob Vejslev and Finn Olafsson.
Text and layout of sheetmusic/text pages: Torsten Olafsson
Cover and preface layout: Bo Winther Design (handwritten sheet music by Jakob Vejslev
Photo: Morten Saxild
132 pages in A4 format. ISMN 979-0- 706782-18- 8 - ISBN 87-91086- 20-5
Olafssongs OC 2016-02.

DKK 299,00  (Incl. VAT)

The song book can be bought at Olafssongs here:

COVER Bo Winther (Hand written music by Jakob Vejslev)