Attempted Escape

Ballad For Anja no. 9

Recorded in the Wood House studio in december 2001. Engineered and produced by Ole Rømer. Released in 2004 with support from DJBFA.

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1. Attempted Escape (4:12)

2. Throughout (5:50)

3. Ballad for Anja no. 9 (3:24)

4. Koroni Opus II (5:05)

5. Hello Hello (4:54)

6. Affinity (3:36)

7. Morning (4:25)

8. Three Martinis (3:52)

9. Just for You (1:30)

10. Brown Bossa (4:30)

11. Yellow Leaf (6:09)

12. Circle (4:20)

13. A Blues (1:16)


Jakob Vejslev (guitar and compositions)

Nils Raae (piano)

Marc Davis (bass)

Dennis Drud (drums)

COVER Bo Winther (Art by Jakob Vejslev)

   Impressive jazz-cd by the guitarist Jakob Vejsev and his seasoned quartet. Vejslev is an excellent composer who has gathered inspiration from bebop, bossa and bluesy jazz. The music is wonderfully lyrical, ambient and honest. (Click for the original danish quote)

- MUSIKEREN, december 2004