Symbolik released in 2007. Here opus 186, Endless, Organ Piece opus 82, and Trio nr. 4 opus 110 were recorded in 1999 in Dyssegårdskirken, Hellerup. Wedding Prelude opus 132, Organ Piece opus 208, Organ Piece 209 and Symbolik opus 225 were recorded in january 2006 in Godthaabskirken, Frederiksberg. Solosonate for trompet in four movements for Søren, opus 223 were recorded in Greve Kommunale Musikskole in may 2006.

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1.Here (4:00)

2.Wedding Prelude (4:27)

3.Organ Piece (5:00)

4.Endless (2:03)

5.Organ Piece (18:30)

6.Trio no. 4 (8:03)

7.Organ Piece (3:16)

8.Lento, rubato ad lib. con vib. (2:27)

9.Allegro, risoluto (1:42)

10.Andante, staccato, poco a poco con fuoco (4:00)

11.Leggiero, vivace giusto (1:54)

12.Symbolik (4:37)


Jakob Vejslev (Compositions)

David Scott Hamnes (Organ)

Søren Emtoft (Trumpet)

Leif Sonne Hansen (Bass)

Bent Hulsrøj  (Engineering and recording)

Published with support from DMFF and DJBFA

COVER Bo Winther (art by Jakob Vejslev)

PHOTO Bent Hulsrøj and Torsten Olafsson

    In the past 25 years a wide repertoire (both original compositions and arrangements) have been made for organ and trumpet. Most of these play with the heroic and direct expression of the trumpet. Jakob Vejslevs compositions are refreshingly different with a beutiful and more inward expression which suits both instruments. (Click for the original danish quote)


- MOGENS ANDRESEN, professor at The Royal Danish Academy of Music, 22/8 2002