Kor og Kammermusik- cd


Græsset grønnes (extract):

Det tabte land:

On this album I have put music to poems by Tove Ditlevsen, William Heinesen and Viggo Stuckenberg. The texts are in the center of the music, which is reflected in the minimalism of the compositions and the arrangements. I was inspired by the Dansk hymn and song tradition.

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1. Nattens elskerinde (7:17)

2. Tidlig sommermorgen (2:48)

3. Det skønneste jeg ved (2:43)

4. Forårsnat (2:00)

5. Græsset grønnes (12:53)

6. Sne (3:26)

7. Det tabte land (2:22)

8. Så tag mit hjerte (3:07)

9. Sommernat (1:30)

10. Til en ven (1:35)

11. Aften (2:11)

12. Udslettelse (2:24)


Jakob Vejslev (Compositions)

Margit Lykke Christensen (Mezzo-soprano voice)

Ib Hermann (Cello)

Nicolai Krog (Piano)

Anders Havshøj (A-Clarinet)

Leif Sonne Hansen (Bass voice)

Mogens Edsen (Piano)

Eliaskirkens kammerkor (Choir), conducter: Lars Nielsen Sardemann

Kammerkoret Broccoli (Choir),, conducter: Lotte Smith-Petersen

COVER Kristian Kjeldsen

   ...by no means trivialities he has acchieved in his life with music and painting... It is simple and quite music, Jakob Vejslev presents. Many of the tunes resemble hymns, you almost miss the organ. Jakob Vejslevs music demands (...) great original expression in order to come into its own… (Click for the original danish quote)

-HELENE MOE, Krist. Dagbl., 27/4 2005